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Workers’ Compensation Reform Bill Signing
Governor Bill Haslam- One of my top priorities is making sure we’re doing everything we can to make Tennessee the best state in the nation to live, work and raise a family. May 17th, 2013.

No. 1 State for Retirement |
No. 4 State for Business | Chief Executive
No. 4 State for Job Creation & Business Recruitment | Site Selection

Speaking of job creation, we’ve announced over 1,600 new jobs at 14 different Tennessee businesses in the last month alone. In fact, one of our initiatives aimed at improving the state’s business climate, bringing clarity to the Workers’ Compensation system through reform, is the subject of the video. We’ve made some significant progress over the last few years despite the difficult national business climate, but being proud of the progress we’ve made doesn’t mean we’re going to rest on our laurels. Folks across state government are working extremely hard to keep up this significant momentum.


Death Tax Repealed in Tennessee
Death tax repealed in Tennessee today. Governor Bill Haslam continuing to make Tennessee a low tax state. Now it’s as cheap to die in Tennessee as it is in Florida. Watch Governor Bill Haslam on Fox Business’ Willis Report, April 13th, 2012.


Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam on Tennessee Growth and Taxes


“Owning land is a good thing as opposed to–I–I worry about investing–making money off of money. I like owning land.” George Clooney

“Person to Person” goes inside the Los Angeles home of the actor, writer, director, and humanitarian George Clooney. Read the full CBS interview on


Warren Buffet and Donald Trump on Real Estate: Buy!
Click Here to Read Highlights from the Interview with Warren Buffet

The very next day Donald Trump went on record to say that “the best thing you can own is real estate.” Now, I don’t know about you but when Warren Buffet and Donald Trump say “buy!” I listen. Over the last couple of weeks, housing economists have been coming to the same conclusion: real estate recovery is on the horizon. Watch the full CNBC video below:


Knoxville, TN Ranked 5th on Kiplinger List of “Best Value Cities”
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Tennessee Named a Top State for Business
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Forbes Names Knoxville 6th Best Mid-sized City for Jobs
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Study: Tennessee’s Tax Burden Among Lowest in Nation
By Richard Locker, Commercial Appeal
Knoxville News Sentinel
February 24, 2011

NASHVILLE — Tennesseans bore the fourth-lowest combined state and local tax burden among states in fiscal year 2009 — less per person than all except South Dakota, Nevada and Alaska — the independent Tax Foundation reported Wednesday.

New Jersey residents paid the highest state and local taxes, followed by New York and Connecticut, according to the report by the nonpartisan, nonprofit tax policy research organization. Arkansas ranked 14th highest and Mississippi 36th.

The Tax Foundation estimates the average total tax burden for residents of each state, including taxes paid in their home states and paid to other states by virtue of working in, traveling to, owning property in or buying products in them. The Tax Foundation says its method takes the point of view of the taxpayer, counting all state and local taxes no matter which state they pay them to.
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New Healthcare Facility!
Roane Medical Center is Now a Part of Covenant Health

Click here for more information on Roane Medical Center. To learn why First Rate Health Care makes East Tennessee the Best Place to Retire, click here.

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Tennessee's Tax Burden Among Lowest in Nation. Click here to read the article.
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Knoxville, TN is ranked 5th on Kiplinger List of "Best Value Cities." Click here for the article.